1.1.1 Update Community Review πŸ’¬

Hello there! Welcome to another update community review! You can talk here about the many things that people make repetitive topics for.

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  • What you like and dislike the most about the update :+1::-1:

  • Interesting facts/tips and tricks about the update :exploding_head:

  • What you would change about the update :memo:

  • Toughts on Vincent? Where can you find him? Is using him worth it? :male_detective:

  • Expectations for future updates :heavy_plus_sign:

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Vincent is a scam but other then that I love the mage changes.

vincent is not worth it

Become A Full INT Warrior. Totally Worth It Right?

Become the nerd in the crowd of muscle builders? Sounds like you LOLLLL jk


Vincent is hot.

Mage fix? Beautiful. Gorgeous.

Vincent? Broke my mage build completely and now I’m less inclined to play until I can either delete the entire save or have a manual stat reset where I can actually set to my desires

Hahaha, for every fix is a nerf, huh? Except this time you made a mistake by trusting Vincent to give you good stats!

What stops you from just talking to Vincent again?


Well, I did, there wasn’t much of an improvement though; and it’s gotten to the point that I’ve spent quite a bundle of silver, and now I can’t even afford the 10 silver anymore

The man robbed me of my cash and killed my stat build; I’ll still play the game, but gee whiz did he screw me over